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Kitten Litter Box Training Steps

Steps for kitten litter box training your new kitty. Help avoid accidents by diligently setting a routine and being consistent with your kitten.

Continue reading "Kitten Litter Box Training Steps"

Litter Box Training

Cat litter box training steps for successfully house training your adult cat. What you can do to prevent accidents. Discipline is not an effective strategy.

Continue reading "Litter Box Training"

Cleaning a Litter Box

Cleaning a litter box regularly is probably the least favorite task of any cat owner, but it's essential for a happy feline household. Here are steps to make this chore easier for you.

Continue reading "Cleaning a Litter Box"

Bringing Home a New Cat or Kitten

Help ease your kitty’s transition to her new home and other pets. Set up a safe place for your cat until she gets used to her new home. Essential supplies for bringing home a new cat.

Continue reading "Bringing Home a New Cat or Kitten"

Changing Cat Food

Changing cat food should be done over a period of several days. Help your cat stay healthy. Avoid stomach problems or a hunger strike!

Continue reading "Changing Cat Food"

Catnip Toys

Catnip toys can provide your cat with tons of fun. Choose a great toy or make your own by adding fresh catnip..

Continue reading "Catnip Toys"

Cat Litter Discussion

A complete cat litter discussion about choosing the right cat litter for your healthy cat. Natural cat litter, flushable cat litter, dust-free cat litter; which is best for your cat's health?

Continue reading "Cat Litter Discussion"

What are Cat Hairballs, Anyway?

Cat hairballs are a normal and natural cat health issue. In most cases, your cat can take care of the problem herself, but sometimes your cat or kitten will need some help.

Continue reading "What are Cat Hairballs, Anyway?"

Is Your Cat Grooming Itself Properly?

Your cat grooming itself is a natural part of your cat's health. They spend a large majority of their waking hours taking care of this task and they have the best cat grooming tools available.

Continue reading "Is Your Cat Grooming Itself Properly?"

A Cat Bath in Nine Steps

Have all your cat bath supplies prepared before you start bathing your kitty. Cat grooming.

Continue reading "A Cat Bath in Nine Steps"

Program Flea Control

Program Flea Control for cats effectively interrupts the flea life cycle and helps prevent flea infestation.

Continue reading "Program Flea Control"

Organochlorines and Your Cat

Organochlorines are flea-killing insecticides that may be dangerous to your cat's health. Long-term side effects may poison your cat.

Continue reading "Organochlorines and Your Cat"

Pyrethrins are considered "non-toxic" flea control

Pyrethrins are considered non-toxic insecticides. They are supposed to be safe for your cat, but some cats are allergic to this insecticide and can suffer from side effects.

Continue reading "Pyrethrins are considered "non-toxic" flea control"

Rotenone and Your Healthy Cat

Rotenone is a toxic chemical used in flea control treatments that can cause serious problems for your cat's health. Flea dips commonly contain this insecticide and should only be done by your vet.

Continue reading "Rotenone and Your Healthy Cat"

Organophosphates and Your Cat

Organophosphates are responsible for most pet poisonings. They are found in all types of pet products and can be extremely toxic. Watch for symptoms of poisoning in your pet.

Continue reading "Organophosphates and Your Cat"

Microchipping Your Cat

Microchipping your cat can help get her home quickly and safely. Veterinarians inject microchips under your cat’s skin. The chip contains your cat’s identifying information.

Continue reading "Microchipping Your Cat"

Green Duck Cat Furniture Review

Green Duck Cat Furniture has it all. Extensive selection and quality workmanship for all your cat furniture needs.

Continue reading "Green Duck Cat Furniture Review"

Frontline Top Spot for Cats

Frontline Top Spot is a quick and effective way to get rid of fleas on your cat. One dose per month kills fleas and ticks, including ticks that cause Lyme disease.

Continue reading "Frontline Top Spot for Cats"

PetCareCentral sold to Drs. Foster and Smith

PetCareCentral transferred its pet supply stores to Drs. Foster and Smith in May of 2007.

Continue reading "PetCareCentral sold to Drs. Foster and Smith"

Maintaining a Flea-Free Environment

A flea-free environment keeps your cat healthy. Prevent and eliminate fleas from your cat's environment with safe and natural methods.

Continue reading "Maintaining a Flea-Free Environment"

Submit Your Site

Site Owners: Submit Your Site. Useful cat and other pet-related sites welcome!

Continue reading "Submit Your Site"

Hiring a Flea Exterminator

If you decide to use a flea exterminator, be sure to ask for references. Research the flea insecticides he plans to use. Ask your veterinarian for recommendations to find a good exterminator.

Continue reading "Hiring a Flea Exterminator"

Banfield Microchip Problems

Most animals shelters in the U.S. cannot read the Banfield microchip. A collar and pet ID tag should be worn at all times for extra security.

Continue reading "Banfield Microchip Problems"

Flea Collars

Flea collars can help get rid of fleas, but can cause health problems for your cat. Collars alone will not protect your cat and your home from fleas.

Continue reading "Flea Collars"

Frontline Spray for Cats

Frontline Spray is a quick and effective way to get rid of fleas and ticks on your cat. The active ingredient in Frontline is fipronil. Fipronil kills fleas and ticks for one full month.

Continue reading "Frontline Spray for Cats"

Safe and interactive cat toys

Which cat toys are best for your cat? Safe and interactive toys keep your cat healthy, happy and entertained. Make your own toys.

Continue reading "Safe and interactive cat toys"

Link to Us

Link to Us at and share with other cat lovers.

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PETsMART is a one-stop online pet store with a huge pet supplies inventory.

Continue reading "PETsMART Review"

Cat Flea Allergies

Some cats suffer severely from flea allergies. One flea bite can make your cat miserable. Endless scratching and biting is very uncomfortable and harms your cat.

Continue reading "Cat Flea Allergies"

Outdoor Flea Control

Natural outdoor flea control methods are effective and safe for your cat. These methods are a safe and natural way to help reduce and kill fleas. You don't need to use toxic chemicals in your yard.

Continue reading "Outdoor Flea Control"

Sample AAFCO Statements

AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officers) statements show that your cat's food has been tested to meet certain nutritional guidelines.

Continue reading "Sample AAFCO Statements"

My Healthy Cat Sitemap page 2

MyHealthyCat Sitemap page 2 provides additional pages to our sitemap

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Pet Stores Review

Many online pet stores have a great selection and discount pet supplies. Good customer service is also important when shopping. Here's what to look for when choosing a pet supply store.

Continue reading "Pet Stores Review"

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