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Review of Online Stores 

Online pet stores like PETsMART, and Only Natural Pet Store (my favorite for natural products), and CatsPlay have been serving pet owners for years.  The internet has made it possible to shop for all of your pet's needs without ever leaving your home. 

As with traditional "brick and mortar" businesses, some aspects of each of the pet supply stores will be better than their competitors. You may have to surf around for the best deals and the best selection of pet supplies.

Specialty stores specialize in the following:

  • Pet furniture,
  • Pet medications and filling prescriptions,
  • Fun and interactive toys for your pet,
  • Pet lover gifts, and
  • Most have a little bit of everything for your cat, dog, bird, fish, ferret, or any other pet you may have in your home.

Prices at Online Pet Supply Stores

Most online pet supply stores will have everyday prices that are lower than traditional stores selling pet supplies, or even department stores with a pet supplies section. Most run special deals at least once a month.

Some stores offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount. But sometimes, when the cost of shipping and handling is added, your total price may be more than what you would pay at a brick and mortar pet store.

You need to shop around and compare prices, and also decide if the convenience of having your pet supplies delivered directly to your home is worth the cost of shipping and handling.

Pet Supplies Selection

Shopping online for pet supplies is like shopping at the world's biggest pet supply store. With a little surfing, you can find absolutely every pet supply you could possibly ever want or need.

Cat supplies, dog supplies, bird supplies, fish supplies, ferret supplies, etc., can all be found at your fingertips.

Of course, you may have to shop at more than one store to find all the pet products you're looking for. But many pet supply stores carry a large enough selection that allows you to buy all your pet supplies in one place.


Shopping online can save you a lot of time, and you never have to leave your home.

Home delivery of larger items eliminates the necessity for a large vehicle and a strong back. Cat trees, dog houses, cat scratching posts, heavy bags of pet food or cat litter, etc., can all be delivered directly to your door.

Disadvantages of Shopping Online

Tuxedo cat and black catRufus and his "little" sister Dusty

One of the disadvantages of shopping for pet supplies online is that you don't have the opportunity to touch, feel and see the pet product before you buy. Of course, the online stores have pictures, but they sometimes don't allow you to really get a feel for the item.

The better online stores will allow you to return the product within a reasonable time period, no questions asked. Returning a product you don't want is inconvenient, but this possible inconvenience should be weighed against the conveniences of shopping online.

Customer Service Policies

When shopping online, the better websites will not only offer great products to choose from and discount prices, but more importantly, good customer service.

Good customer service at an online store will include:

  • Ease of navigation on the website;

  • Security and privacy of your personal and credit card information;

  • Satisfaction guaranteed policy;

  • Easy ordering process.

These are the minimum standards you should look for when deciding where to buy your pet products online.

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