Choose Only Safe Cat Toys

"Safe and interactive toys will help
keep your cat healthy and entertained."

Cat Toys and Exercise Keep Your Cat Healthy

Safe and interactive cat toys provide the necessary exercise and entertainment all kitties need to stay healthy. Plus, the right toys can also save your home from potential wreckage!

Just like children (and some adults!), cats have their favorites, become bored with others, and may not even touch some of their toys. Rotating the things you have out for your feline friend to play with keeps him or her from getting bored.

The more exercise and play time your cat has, the healthier and happier he'll be. Toys with catnip are almost always winners and get most cats moving.

Watch Out for Dangerous Items!

Cat on a bikeKeiko Likes Her Toys Big!

There are literally thousands of manufactured toys available for your pet's amusement. Unfortunately, many of them are unsafe! 

Toys with parts that can come off, for example, parts that are glued-on,  are potentially dangerous for your kitty.

A very popular toy on the market  today is a fake, furry mouse. Cats and kittens love these things, but as they are sold, they are dangerous! The mice have little plastic eyes and noses that can be pulled out and choked on. You should remove these plastic items before you give them to your cat (my kitty loves these "blind" mice!). 

Before giving your cat any new toy, remove all unsafe parts that could potentially choke her. It may not be as cute to you anymore, but these little aesthetic touches don't make a difference to your kitty and their removal could save your cat's life!

String Can Be Too Dangerous

Another popular, but potentially dangerous, cat toy is common everyday string (or yarn or thread). Yes, that's right, the ever-popular string can be dangerous to your cat!

Cats have tongues covered with sharp, rearward-facing barbs that can make it extremely difficult to spit out the string. If the string gets stuck in your cat's mouth, she will just keep swallowing the string. This can cause internal blockage and severe injuries to your cat's intestinal tract. Your cat can also become entangled with the string "toy." 

Be sure to only allow your cat to play with safe cat toys or supervise your cat's play with potentially dangerous toys. 

Inexpensive Alternatives (Make Your Own Toys)

Many "toys" aren't officially sold as "cat toys," but some can make the best and most fun toys. For example, ping pong balls are a favorite for some cats. They are light-weight, so a little tap can get them going a long way and many cats often get into mini one-player soccer matches with the balls. Ping pong balls are also big enough so that there's no danger of your cat swallowing the ball. 

Try this: drop a ping pong ball into an empty tissue box and watch your cat go crazy trying to get it out! 

And the classic entertainment piece: the empty paper bag! Most cats go wild dashing in and out of the bag and skating across the kitchen floor. (Don't use plastic bags!) 

Use your imagination to come up with other homemade and safe toys for your cat. And let your cat show you what she likes to play with. But remember, only let your cat play with safe cat toys. 

My Cat's Favorite Toy

Many safe and interactive cat toys are also available for purchase for your cat. My cat's favorite toy is called the Cat Dancer. This is about a three-foot long stiff wire with tightly rolled paper on either end of the wire. You can move the wire erratically in all sorts of directions and your cat will go crazy trying to catch it! 

The Cat Dancer has been a hit with every cat I have ever played with. 

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