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Bringing Home a New Cat

New Cats
How to ease the transition when bringing home your new cat.

Cat Names
How to choose the best name for your new cat or kitten.

Cats and Dogs
How to introduce your new cat to your home when you have a resident dog.

Multi-Cat Household
How to introduce your new cat to your home when you have a resident cat.

Litter Box Training - Cat litter box training steps for successfully house training your adult cat.

Kitten Litter Box Training - Suggestions for training your new kitten to use the litter box.

Proper Nutrition for Your Cat's Health

Choosing Cat Food
How to choose the best cat food for your cat's health.

Cat Feeding Schedule
How to set up a feeding schedule that works for you and your cat.

Changing Cat Food
Information on how to gradually change your cat's food to avoid any health problems.

High Protein Cat Food
Necessity of high protein cat food for proper feline nutrition.

Vegetarian Cats
Read for information about feeding your cat a vegetarian diet.

Water or Milk?
Importance of fresh water for your cat at all times. Milk is not appropriate in your cat’s healthy diet.

AAFCO Statement
A sample statement from the Association of American Feed Control Officers. AAFCO ensures your cat's food has met rigorous tests.

Selected Cat Health Problems

Common Cat Health Problems
Here's a list of cat and kitten health issues.

Cat Hairballs
Cat hairballs are a normal and natural cat health problem.

Treatment for Cat Hairballs
Remedies and treatments for cat hairballs.

Worms in Cats
Overview of cat worms you should watch out for to keep your cat healthy.

Worms From Your Cat
Roundworm, tapeworm, hookworm, and ringworm. Can you get these parasites from your cat? How to protect yourself.

Tapeworm Treatment
A single flea can cause tapeworm in your cat. How to tell if your cat has tapeworm and how to get rid of it.

Cat Ringworm - Cat ringworm is a highly contagious fungus. Learn about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Feline Pregnancy

Cat Pregnancy - Useful information on cat pregnancy, including how to care for your pregnant cat, cat pregnancy signs, and how to prepare for the birth.

Cat Pregnancy Symptoms
How to tell if your cat is pregnant. Cat pregnancy signs. Cat pregnancy gestation.

Care for a Pregnant Cat
How to care for a pregnant cat during the early and later stages of feline pregnancy.

Cat Pregnancy and Birth
Preparing for cat pregnancy and birth. Making a kittening box for your cat to give birth to her newborn kittens.

Cats Giving Birth to Kittens
Article about cats giving birth to kittens. Description of the labor stages and the kitten birth process. How cats give birth to kittens.

Kitten Growth
Kitten growth and development from birth to eight weeks.

Choosing the Best Cat Supplies

Online Pet Stores - Besides selection and price, here's what to look for when choosing an online pet store.

General Cat Supplies
Information and a list of cat supplies you should have for your healthy cat. What to look for when buying the best supplies for your cat.

Choosing a Cat Bed
What to look for in a cat bed for your healthy cat. How to choose the best place to put the cat bed. Making your own cat bed.

  • Cat Beds
    Our favorite selection of cat beds online.
Rufus in His Cat BedRufus in His Cat Bed

Cat Carriers
Different types of cat carriers. How to choose the best cat carrier for your cat.

Cat Collars
Information about choosing a safe collar for your cat. Types of cat collars. How to choose a collar that fits your cat.

Cat Furniture
Information on furniture designed especially for cats. What you need. What's optional? Scratching posts. Cat beds. Cat perches. Kitty condos. Cat trees.

  • Green Duck Cat Furniture
    Review of Green Duck Cat Furniture. How their furniture is constructed, what materials are used, and where to buy cat furniture for less.

Cat Litter Box
All about the cat litter box. Types of litter boxes. Types of litter. Where to put the litter box. Litter box hygiene. And most importantly, how to train your cat to use the litter box!

Cleaning a Litter Box - Cleaning litter boxes is probably the least favorite task of any cat owner, but it's essential for a happy feline household. This page shows you how to clean a litter box and the supplies you'll need.

Cat Litter Discussion
A complete cat litter discussion about choosing the right cat litter for your healthy cat. Natural cat litter, flushable cat litter, dust-free cat litter; which is best for your cat’s health?

Cat Toys
Information on choosing safe and interactive cat toys for your healthy cat. Toys to watch out for. Toys that require supervision.

  • Catnip Toys
    How to choose catnip toys and how to make your own.

  • Effects of Catnip
    All about catnip and how it affects your healthy cat.

  • Catnip Plants
    Keep a fresh supply of catnip handy by growing your own catnip.

  • Catnip Addiction
    Your cat cannot become addicted to catnip, but there are other dangers to watch for.

Cat Scratching and Scratching Posts
Information about why cats need to scratch. Choosing the best scratching post. How to train your cat to use the scratching post. Protecting your furniture.

  • Cat Declawing 
    Information on the declawing procedure. Alternatives to declawing cats.

Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming Techniques - How to groom your cat. Cat grooming tips. Benefits of cat grooming.

Brushing Your Cat
Details on how to brush your cat. Cat grooming tools.

Cat Grooming Itself
Description of how your cat grooms itself. What's normal? What's excessive cat grooming.

Cat Bath
List of cat bath supplies. Step-by-step instructions.

Trimming Your Cat's Claws
How to safely trim your cat's claws. How often to trim your cat's claws.

Keeping Your Cat Safe

Plants Poisonous to Cats
Plants poisonous to cats can be fatal and should be kept out of your home. Choose safe and non-toxic plants. Protect your plants and give your cat her own safe plants to chew.

Cat Collars
How to choose a safe collar that fits your cat. Why every cat should wear a collar with a current cat ID tag, even indoor cats.

Cat ID Tags
The importance of having a cat ID tag on your cat. What identifying information to include. Types of cat ID tags.

Information on microchipping your cat for extra safety.

Pet Insurance Tips
Information to help you decide if buying pet insurance is right for you. What pet insurance covers, what it doesn't. Alternatives to pet insurance.

Additional Resources

Cat Products Shopping Sites
List of My Healthy Cat favorite sites to shop for cat products.

More Cat Resources
List of resources to help care for your cats and keep them healthy and happy.

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Here is where site owners of cat, and other pet-related, websites can submit your site for possible inclusion in our Links and Resources Directory.

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Miscellaneous Stuff

Cat Blog - Keep up-to-date on cat store offerings, changes and additions to this website, and the antics of my two healthy cats.

Cat Blog Archive #1
Entries for May through June 2004. Includes discussion on tapeworm treatment, online pet stores, pet meds, catnip, vegan cats, and more.

Cat Blog Archive #2
Entries for July through August 2004. Includes discussion on Iams Boycott, best cat food, cats and dogs, cat toys, cat names, and more.

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy for

Contact My Healthy Cat
Please contact us with suggestions, questions, thoughts, problems with this web site, or anything else you want to write to us about. We are always happy to hear from you!

About My Healthy Cat
Information about the author and research team for this website.

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