Nine Steps for a Cat Bath

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First, Do Cats Even Need Baths?

A cat bath?? Why??

If you've observed any cat for any length of time, you know that they are experts at giving themselves long, luxurious baths. They are experts at grooming themselves, but sometimes, just sometimes, they may need a little help.

Most cats can live their entire lives without human help in this area. However, on some occasions, it may be necessary for you to bathe your cat.

For the vast majority of cats, a human–assisted bath will be their least favorite cat grooming assistance in the world, and they'll let you know it in no uncertain terms!

If the occasion comes when you must bathe your cat, be fully prepared ahead of time. This will help the process go faster, and reduce the stress, for you and your cat.

If at all possible, recruit a second brave human to help you. One person can hold your cat firmly while the other washes and rinses.

Cat Bath Supplies

You'll need the following supplies to give your cat a bath:

  1. a container (something like a plastic baby tub), or you can use a large sink,
  2. a soft wash cloth,
  3. a large clean dry towel,
  4. cat shampoo, and
  5. a plastic jug or large cup to pour water over your cat.

If you're bathing your cat because she has fleas, use a safe flea shampoo.

Nine Steps for the Perfect Cat Bath

When you are ready for the task, here are the steps you should take to give your cat a bath:

  1. Fill the plastic tub with about four inches of water.
  2. Test the water to make sure it's warm, but not too warm.
  3. Add and mix the cat shampoo in the water.
  4. Holding her firmly, place your cat in the tub.
  5. Using the plastic jug, pour some warm soapy water over your cat (avoid the face and eyes).
  6. Massage the soapy water into your cat's fur from the neck down.
  7. Rinse your cat with warm clean water.
  8. Wrap your cat in a large clean towel and gently rub her dry as much as you can (some cats may allow you to follow up with a hair dryer on a low setting).
  9. Follow up with a healthy treat for your cat so your kitty may associate the bathing with something good.

Cat Bath Time!Cat Getting a Bath

While you're giving your cat a bath, talk gently and soothingly to him or her. Remember to have a firm grip of your cat, but be careful not to hurt him.

"Sponge Baths"

If you feel your feline friend doesn't need a full-on cat bath, you could use a kitty wipe to clean her fur. This will be a lot less traumatic for your kitty (and you!) than a full bathing.

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