Flea Allergies, Flea Bites,
and Your Cat's Health

"Flea allergies can make
your feline friend miserable!"

What Causes Flea Allergies in Your Cat?

Some cats have severe flea allergies. The allergies develop from flea bites. Your cat's reaction to a single  flea bite can range from mildly irritating to severely uncomfortable.

The allergic reaction is caused by a sensitivity to flea saliva. When the parasite bites your cat or kitten, it releases a small amount of saliva into the skin. Flea saliva contains anticoagulants that may cause a rash and can lead your cat to scratch and bite until his or her skin bleeds.

Is Your Cat Suffering?

Any of the following symptoms could be an indication that your cat is suffering an allergic reaction to a flea bite:

  • hair loss,

  • itchy skin,

  • skin rash,

  • scabby bumps, and

  • incessant licking and chewing.

These reactions to fleas may also be called "flea-bite hypersensitivity." This is a condition suffered by some, but not all, felines. 

If your kitty is sensitive to flea bites, it's particularly important that you take efforts to control and get rid of fleas on your cat and in your home, and even in your yard, if your cat goes outside.

Relief for Your Cat

Of course, the best relief is to prevent your feline companion from experiencing the problem in the first place. Your flea control efforts are essential for this.

However, if your cat is suffering the uncomfortable symptoms of flea allergies and bites, you can use natural allergy solutions to give your kitty relief until you can get the situation under control.

Flea control efforts should be used in combination with any other relief you provide for your cat. This will keep the problem from recurring.

My Personal Experience

cat flea allergiesNeko with All Her Fur!

When I first met my little Neko at the SPCA (waiting for adoption), she had no fur at all from the "waist" down. She was in terrible shape due to her very severe allergy to fleas.

The SPCA didn't know if her fur would ever grow back. Fortunately, it did and she has a beautiful coat now, but it took years!

She's an indoor cat, but over the years, we have had the occasional flea make it through the door and jump on her (poor little girl!).

Because she is so severely affected by these parasite bites, I give her a dose of Advantage Flea Control asap (I normally prefer to use "natural" methods and products). The one time that I didn't catch it in time, she continued licking well beyond the first bite and licked off a bunch of her fur again.

She's good now and we haven't had any problems in years. Thank goodness!

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